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И еще...

Here is some pronunciation.
Ration never rhymes with nation,
Say prefer, but preferable,
Comfortable and vegetable.
B must not be heard in doubt,
Debt and dumb both leave it out.
In the words psychology,
Psychic and psychiatry,
You must never sound the p.
Psychiatrist you call the man
Who cures the complex, if he can.
In architect, ch is k,
In arch it is the other way.

Please remember to say iron
So that it’ll rhyme with lion.
Advertisers advertise.
Advertisements will put you wise.
Time when work is done with leisure,
Fill it up with useful pleasure.
Accidental, accident,
Sound the g in ignorant.
Relative, but a relation.
Then say creature but creation.
Say the a in gas quite short,
Bought remember rhymes with thwart,
Drought must always rhyme with bout,
In daughter leave the gh out.

Wear a boot upon your foot,
Root can never rhyme with soot.
In muscle, sc is s,
In muscular, it’s sk, yes!
Choir must always rhyme with liar.
Then, remember it’s address,
With an accent like possess.
G in sign must silent be,
In signature, pronounce the g.

Please remember, say towards
Just as if it rhymed with boards.
Weight’s like wait, but not like height,
Which should always rhyme with might.
Sew is just the same as so,
Tie a ribbon with a bow.
When you meet the queen you bow,
Which again must rhyme with how.
In perfect English make a start.
Learn this little rhyme by heart.
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